Date Night!


“Okay” he says “I’ll make some plans. I’ve been spending too much money lately, so it’ll be a little less extravagant than things have been probably, and I’ll have to go home at the end of the evening, so we’ll be limited to mostly vanilla stuff, but I can at least see you and spend time with you without friends to entertain, and perhaps, most importantly, we can talk.”

YES! 🙂 !!!!!!!!


I should preface this by saying that the last two times I saw Sir it was in the company of others. One was a dinner with my ex/best friend Jason (I’ll probably post an entry about that later…) and another was an evening spent with my friend Sarah, visiting from Boston for the weekend. Now, both of these times were incredibly enjoyable. Sir is charming, and quickly won over Sarah. He scared the living shit out of Jason, which was enjoyable on my end, but more on that later.

So, neither of these meetings were necessarily uncomfortable (well, for me) or unenjoyable. It’s just

I haven’t been alone with him for about three weeks…

There is only so much you can talk about in the company of others. The relationship between Sir and I is still very new. He is my first Dom. Although we have a limited time in which we can actually be together, we’ve been trying to take this slow. We have been getting closer, and we do talk every day even when we don’t see one another, but some things you just want to talk about face to face.

Plus, as a bonus I might add, Sir is incredibly easy on the eyes.

Saying I’m attracted to him is a bit of an understatement. He is, as my mother would say, “yummy”.

I am not what you call your stereotypical beauty. I’m tiny, at only 4 ft 10.5 inches, and I’ve got a very curvy body…like boobs and ass curvy. I either look disastrous in clothing or pretty damn good, depending. I’m pretty sure I would think that Sir looked good in a paper bag (or without it..or anything… you know.. I’m not picky), but I like to make myself look nice when I know I’m going to see him.

The last two times I hadn’t really been able to worry about what I was wearing. I was in the company of other. I had school, or work, or the task of entertaining a friend, and so I stuck on a dress and leggings and was happy with that.

The one drawback of alone time is that he will be all alone..with me. Looking at me. No distraction.

That’s JUST enough to make a girl overanalyze every single piece of clothing going on her body.

Vanilla or not, it doesn’t chance. I’m pretty sure if the night was going to go in a kinky direction I would worry about what was underneath my clothing more than the clothing else…but I worry about that anyway even when I’m pretty sure the chances of clothing coming off are pretty slim.

I picked an outfit, put it on. Frowned. Poked my pudge. Came back. Pondered. He’s only seen me in dresses. Should I wear pants?
I change into pants. I poke my pudge. I can’t find the pants I want.
And then the bra wasn’t working with the top
Oh but now the top looks frumpy. Maybe a long dress?

After five outfits, three sets of underwear, two different pairs of shoes, and one destroyed chest of clothing that WAS organized an hour ago I now have an appropriate outfit to see Sir in.

Now, if I could just keep my tits from popping out of this dress…


Who gets to go on a date tonight! 🙂


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