I’ll Be Back


Okay, I’m not resigning from adulthood. I’m actually kinda doing the opposite… I gotta get shit done. I’m in my last week of finals (AAAAHHHHH KILL ME!!!!) and just started a new job, which has added pressures like looking for a new (cat friendly) place to live so that I can get my car out here and live closer to work and…yeah.

Being a big girl is overrated sometimes, but there are times when it is very necessary. I’m putting on my big girl pants and getting my shit together.

I need to tweak my writing, and that means doing a lot of thinking. Figuring out why I word things certain ways, and why my voice ends up so..slanted. Examining why I am writing a certain post to begin with. I want to keep writing, but I want my posts to be..good. Just honest, raw. Me. Not tilted one way or the other to pull in one person or another to read. I just want to write, like I do in my journal.

I’ve got to get through finals, and I’ve got to try to keep a clear head and a healthy emotional state while I do it. Which means, for now the blog is going on the back burner. Hopefully I won’t be gone for more than a week or so. I love writing; I really forgot how much I loved it, and I’m surprised and also delighted that I actually have followers. I didn’t expect any đŸ™‚ But I’ve got some changes to make.

I’ll be back, promise. Hopefully at least slightly improved. For now, I gotta sleep. Big girl job tomorrow!

Yours both exhausted and energized



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