Oh Godde. When did life start getting away from me?

I first off want to apologize to all of my friends, especially those who take the time to read this and check up on me. I’ve barely been breathing the last two weeks and just haven’t been reaching out and talking to people I should. Life has gotten away from me in some respect.

The last few days have been exhausting. I went to see Jase… And while no one needs to do more than break his jaw for past crimes I find myself wanting to hit him. Hard. When I can find the energy I will type up an entry about that… Promise. I also want to type up one about tumblr, which I’m now addicted to, and a bdsm theme I’ve stumbled across on there… More to come.

I also finally have wifi in my new apartment, yay!!!! Writing these on my phone is a bit annoying. I can get back to routine. To filling y’all in before I get further swept away by life.

I have been swept away. Completely, if I’m being honest. It has been a long time since I’ve been in love. Being loved and fully owned all in one? I’m all but drunk on it. I spend more nights with Kane than I do in my own bed. I’ve never had that before… Ever. It’s nice. But I need to resist the urge to nest. To cuddle into relationship mode. Because my social life is already suffering. I need to see more than my Dom and his comfy bed xD.

There’s a lot. A loooot to write about and not enough time to write.

Starting tomorrow I will.
I’m still catching up after being up 24 hours straight. (There’s a story involved. I promise. And yes. Jase is involved). And Kane’s bed is comfy.

So.. I adore you all, but goodnight for now!

Yours with so much to catch up on



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