A Snippet 

The other day, as is common for James and I, Master had a play party he needed to attend. This one was a wee different than our normal dungeon party because it wasn’t one he was working. It was one where we would actually be playing… A rarity so precious to me the thought alone gets me wet. 

I was scheduled to work before the event, and Master had a photo shoot he was working. Somehow, by chance, both ended up canceled. I showed up at work to find out the last payload had been given out (which was fine with me. So long as I show up on time I get paid for the shift), and so sent a text to my Master asking how the shoot was going. 

“Whelp, I got to the Citadel about 10 minutes ago, so that should tell you.” 

I love when James works. The more he does, the more I do, although lately the pieces that I’ve been creating have been too personal to share. The longer we are together the more I feel the artistic side of myself slowly coming back to life… And so a shoot being postponed made me a little sad. 

However, it also made me slightly giddy. The model was a friend of mine and if I hadn’t been working I would have been at the shoot helping out. No shoot. No work. Master in the city. I asked if I could come hang out at the Citadel. 

The Citadel is one of San Francisco’s local dungeons. At this point I have logged so many hours there it feels like a second home. Between helping James break down at the end of parties and set up and sleep overs before and after I have gotten used to what the dungeon looks like without the chaos of a play party. There’s a social area off to one side, and the couches are exceedingly comfortable and easy to sleep on. 

My work is less than a mile from the Citadel, and so I was there in minutes. I curled up on one couch and read while James edited photos from another event next to me. He played music, and I let myself fully relax for the first time in a couple of days. I love play, I love kinky fuckery, and I love grand adventures… This is all very true. But I also love quiet normalcy from time to time. 

I let myself relax for about three hours, snuggled on the comfy couch while my Master quietly worked. I was good. I didn’t disturb him, or pester, or beg for naughty play when he needed to focus (alone, in a dungeon with no one but my Master… Oh, the temptation was great). Finally, my parking meter alarm went off and I groaned. I had to go adult. While I had escaped my first work shift a second loomed over my head. 

I pulled on my sweater and asked my still-focused workaholic Master for a kiss goodbye. 

He looked up from his computer screen and smirked. 

Smirking never leads to anything well-behaved. This is doubly true when coming from my Master, and when followed by a chuckle. “A kiss goodbye, hmm?”  He leaned back on the couch and began to undo his belt. 

Like an over-eager pup I crawled onto my knees and sat, staring as he undid his fly. Had I a tail, it would have been wagging. 

“Kiss it.” 

Never have I said no to giving my Master a blow job. I’m a big fan of giving head in general, but it’s different with him. I love the taste of him, the feel of him in my mouth.  I love that I can make Mr Workahaulic relax, even for a few minutes. I’m not sure who is more satisfied at the end of it all, Master or myself. 

Eagerly, I sucked, and licked, and teased. Master wrapped my hair around his hands and pulled in the way I love. He ran his fingers though my mass of brown hair moments after, causing a shutter of pleasure as I took him all the way into my mouth. I was so engrossed, so focused, that I almost didn’t hear my phones second alarm go off. The, “you need to leave for work now or your ass will be grass” alarm. 

Master heard it. He eased me away from him and I pouted. 

“But… But cock…”

He chuckled and tucked it away. “But your phone. Go to work, little one.”

“But… But…”

Master went from jovial to no-nonsense. “But car. You need the money.” He met my eyes and I sighed, hanging my head. I was desperately saving for a new car and trying to work as many shifts as I could to do so. He knew that, and while both of us enjoyed the pleasure of a good blow job he knew I needed the money more than I needed wet panties. Either way I hated when he was right. “Besides,” he said, his tone lightening again, “it’ll still be here when you get back”.  

Once again, I picked up my gear to go. “Kiss please, Master?”

Once again, my Master chuckled. “A kiss? You asked for a kiss before and I gave you cock.”

I grinned and move closer, touching my nose to his. “And I love your cock, Master, but I’m a greedy little thing. I want both.”

Without a word, Master reached out and hooked his finger around my bra, right between the cups. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me until my toes curled in my little red boots. A part of me debated the worth of car vs cock, and I let out a mew of protest when the kiss ended. 

“Go on, little one.” He gave me a light smack on my ass. “Go work now so that we can play later.”

He winked and gave me another quick peck, and with that I scampered out the door. 

I walked to my car a half hour after the meter expired, a smile on my face and the taste of my Master on my tongue. I made it to work three minutes late and spent almost the entirety of my work shift daydreaming. What a lucky little imp I was to get so many kisses from my Master. 

Yours, smiling. 



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