I consider myself a sexual submissive, or I’m beginning to.

I am a submissive living in San Francisco, CA (oddly fitting, in certain ways) who is just now starting to dip her toe fully into the BDSM scene. I’ve always, in certain ways, had submissive tendencies in relationship, although in my vanilla life they would be hard to see.

I’m loud, spunky little Italian woman who is often rebellious and stubborn to all hell. Not exactly the makings of a perfect submissive.

And yet somehow…

It takes strength to fully submit. I’ve believed that for quite some time. Before now I’ve only half given in, but that was less out of fear of submission itself and more out of not being able to find the right partners; not knowing where to look or what exactly I was looking for.

I didn’t know until he found me. That spark of potential suddenly appeared to ignite a whole list of longings I hadn’t known really existed inside of me; not as more than mere fantasies anyway.

This is not a perfect journey. I am new at this. I WILL make mistakes and I know that, but it’s a journey all the same. I suppose it’s worth documenting.


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